A fast-track pathway from education into business

//A fast-track pathway from education into business

A great three month course for our young adults.

Getting that first job is becoming ever harder. We have thousands of young able students coming out of Schools and Universities, desperate to find their first full time job, leave home, become financially independent, and emotionally secure in the knowledge they are employed and contributing to society.

The reality is that those leaving education are struggling to succeed in the world they so badly want to belong to. There are too many applicants for every job they apply for. CV’s are indistinguishable and the constant rejections put pressure on both the children and parents who are desperate to help them achieve their goal.  The question is how to get ahead of the competition?

On the other side, employers find that candidates with the best academic qualifications do not make the best employees as they often lack the employability skills needed in the workplace. What’s missing is teamwork, communication, problem solving and decision-making abilities.

This is where The Management Academy (TMA) can help.  Based in Oxfordshire, TMA offers the opportunity to develop critical employability skills and to understand how companies work. Work experience is sourced within your chosen fields and the track record of TMA is that students find full time employment on course completion.

TMA’s criteria is simple. Whether your child has a degree or whether they have just GCSE’s or A levels, whether they have a chosen field or have no idea what they want to do, they just need to be motivated, good with people and willing to try anything to find that first job.

So, if you have a son or daughter who needs help making the transition from education into employment, enrol them into a 3 month TMA course and see them get started in their careers.  www.tma.work