Are you ready for work?

//Are you ready for work?

A recent study by the CBI* concluded that almost one in four young people (17-23) do not feel adequately prepared by their education for the world of work.    And almost half of all employers surveyed (44%), found that young people are not ready for work and 45% of respondents ranking work readiness as the most important factor they consider when recruiting.

So what is missing?  What do our young adults need to get ready for work? Businesses say they want character and broader life skills from team leadership to problem solving and creativity.   In many cases some of these skills have in fact been developed during holiday jobs and general family and school experiences, but with a focus on academic achievements, these ‘soft skills’ fall by the wayside.  In order to stand out from the crowded and competitive job field, remember to highlight the occasions and give examples of the soft skills you’ve developed.  For example:  communication (including conflict resolution), motivation, initiative, responsibility, self -awareness, flexibility, empathy, team work, decision making.  And if you don’t have any soft skills, then you need to develop them – get yourself a coach – just as you would get a coach if you wanted to learn piano or tennis.