Armed Forces Commissioning Preparation

//Armed Forces Commissioning Preparation

Armed Forces Commissioning Preparation

Each of the British Armed Forces assesses applicants for Officer training be that through the Admiralty Interview Board (AIB), Army Officer Selection Board (AOSB) or the Officer and Aircrew Selection Centre (OASC). All look for similar traits including mental aptitude (or intelligence), the ability to think logically and critically, undertake complex planning, leadership, fitness, awareness of global affairs and service knowledge.

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These traits are assessed through a range of events including command and leadership tasks, essays writing, interviews, group discussions, planning tasks, mental aptitude tests, lecturettes and fitness assessments. These are all set against a backdrop of a minimum medical entry requirement.

At Forward, we support the attendance at AIB, AOSB and OASC through individually tailored development programmes. These all commence with a 2hr initial meeting in which clients discuss their career aspirations with our coach and also undergo an initial assessment. This assessment affords us the ability to design a bespoke development package for each client taking into account their abilities and the timeframes available.

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Following this initial assessment, clients are provided with an individual programme of follow on sessions. These include complex planning exercises, mental arithmetic support, given essay titles, mock interviews, required to present a lecturette and discuss current global affairs, all in a supportive environment and with access to our coach between specific sessions, if required. Candid feedback is provided throughout the process.

Whilst we pride ourselves in our ability to positively develop individuals for attendance at each of the Officer selection establishments; we do not coach individuals how to pass, we develop their skills and capabilities across the required areas. With that in mind we cannot guarantee a pass, but we do guarantee that clients will attend their respective board in an incredibly well prepared state of mind.