How do I create a good CV?

/How do I create a good CV?

Your CV is your marketing tool – its primary purpose is to sell you in a market by saying “this is what I can do for you and how I can add value to your business; here’s proof that I can do it.”. Ideally you should prepare two versions of your CV – one in reverse chronological format detailing your job history starting with your most recent position. The other is a skills based CV – often a better format when history is intermittent. Most importantly a great CV should give a good sense of who you are (many recruiters spend just three seconds reviewing CVs due to the volume of applications) in the opening profile/brief summary. Paint the best possible picture of who you are and how your skills, experiences and personality would add value to the organisation. Whether the CV is chronological or skills based, make sure you highlight achievements and outcomes, not just activities you’ve undertaken.