What are some interview techniques?

/What are some interview techniques?

Preparation is key.

  1. Find out a little about who you are meeting so you have some sense of who will be interviewing you, their time at the company and their role and interests.
  2. Make sure you know about the organisation, what is its history, what makes it different to other companies in the same sector and why you’d like to work there
  3. Know how you could add value to the role and the organisation. Be very clear about your skills and make sure you have examples of experience if possible using the RSTAR approach.  Result up first (eg the time I took charge in an emergency, summoned the ambulance and saved a life); then describe the Situation, what was the Task /problem you had to face, what Action did you take, what was the Result
  4. Arrive early at least 30 minutes and go to a nearby café first to check yourself in the bathroom (no poppy seeds from that lunchtime roll). And do a couple of start jumps to get your energy up
  5. Listen carefully to the questions, don’t ramble and be yourself