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First Job and Graduate Career Coaching

We help you work out everything that is most important in your life.  We get to the bottom of the big questions – what sort of person are you?  What kind of life appeals to you?  What are you best at?  What are you best suited to?  What are the things you want most?

Looking outside – we explore all of the various career areas which match your needs, character and skills and find the ones that spark a passion.  We help guide you on where to look and how best to apply for the roles that suit you and where you’re going to be successful.

Together we clarify your personal brand – including preparing your elevator pitch, your CV and social  medial profiles and develop an action plan for applying for the roles you really want.  We teach you how to create great applications  and covering letters and prepare for online and face to face interviews.

lady thing about her First job

‘Recommending seeing you is the best thing my father’s done in a long time!’

Meet your coaches


Working with Forward helps others! 2019-11-12T12:02:03+00:00

When you invest in your future with Forward you’re also making great things happen in the world.  Forward is a member of B1G1—Business for Good

Why 18-30? 2019-11-12T12:02:15+00:00

18 – 30 is a guideline.  We do work with younger people still in education perhaps struggling with exam pressures, general anxiety and other challenges and we do work with people older than 30.  However, we have found that people 30s+ have different challenges, best served by our sister company Rutbusters www.rutbusters.org

Why Forward? 2019-11-12T12:02:20+00:00
  1. We have an outstanding track record of delivering results
  2. We are experts on the challenges and opportunities experienced by 18-30-year olds
  3. We’re great value for money
  4. We have coaches to suit every individual.
  5. We use proven world-class tools to help you achieve your goals
  6. Our extensive networks help you explore career paths and get to talk to professionals in their fields so you can learn about what working in different sectors and industries really looks like
Does Forward help with job finding? 2019-11-12T12:02:25+00:00

Our job shadowing service offers you the opportunity to talk to and shadow experts and explore career routes (building up your knowledge of industries and developing networks) before taking a plunge into employment or a new career path. No one can guarantee you a job, but this is one of the best ways to land one.

What are the benefits of working with Forward? 2019-11-12T12:02:29+00:00

Our Forward coaches help you find a clear path to the life you want most.

We help you increase your self-awareness – of your strengths so you can maximise them and your weaknesses so you can address them.  Self-awareness is one of the most sought-after skills of today’s employers.

Our Forward coaches help you build confidence and support you to develop key skills.

Your Forward coach is your trusted partner who helps expand your thinking and gain perspective and clarity about your objectives.  Your coach is non-judgemental and has no agenda other than to help you be the best you can be.

Elite athletes, singers and top executives all have coaches to help them achieve and maintain their peak performance.  Isn’t it time you had one too?

How much does it cost? 2019-11-12T12:02:34+00:00

All our programmes are designed around your personal needs, your goals and the challenges you wish to overcome.   We match your requirements to the expert member(s) of our team to get you the right support – whether it is career direction, confidence building, personal branding or interview preparation – and work around your diary..

Each session is typically between one and two hours, but the length depends on the nature and range of the discussion.  Sessions are supported with email and texts and homework is usually given to make maximum progress.

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