Great New Parenting Book

//Great New Parenting Book

Teenage mental health issues are accelerating at an alarming rate, with panic attacks, eating disorders, addiction to electronic devices as well as substances and self-harming behaviours becoming increasingly common.  A secure, well-balanced relationship with your teen is the most fundamental tool you have to encourage good mental health and promote positive transformation in your child and this Parent Survival Guide will show you how.

Written by Janey Downshire and Naella Grew who have a decade of experience coaching parents and teens and have survived the teen years themselves with their own children.  This fully revised and updated edition includes:

  • How to spot early signs of mental health issues and what to do
  • Tools to boost resilience, motivation and self-esteem
  • The most effective tips for creating a healthy relationship with technology
  • Advice on how to exert a positive influence in your teen’s life

Teenagers Translated, through both their book and via their Parenting Programmes, provide a proactive approach to managing turbulent emotions and ways to minimize confrontation and keep lines of communication open.  Their approach will leave you feeling empowered and better equipped to face the inevitable ups-and-downs of adolescence, and in doing so it will help your teen to feel more confident, skilled and able to face the pressures and challenges of growing up in a competitive and technological world and to avoid dysfunctional issues associated with poor mental health.

Janey and Naella also run parenting courses, translating the latest research in teen development & behaviour and helping parents learn  strategies to help manage challenging issues in children from 10 – 20.

For more information go to:  https://www.teenagerstranslated.co.uk/course-dates-and-booking.php