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Career Coaching – Manchester

Forward Career Coaching offers their full range of coaching & mentoring services in Manchester & all other major cities in the UK.

How to find us

We don’t have a physical office in Manchester but we have coaches available in the city and across the UK. You can arrange a consultation through our main office and coaching sessions can be given either face to face or online via Skype or Zoom.

Coaching Services

We offer all of our extensive coaching & mentoring programmes in Manchester, such as:

In addition to these programmes we offer Skills Development training:

A career in Manchester

The birthplace of the industrial revolution and often termed the UK’s ‘Second City’, Manchester is rated amongst the country’s best places to live and work.

As one of the fastest growing cities in the UK, Manchester has a strong jobs market and is a national leader in areas such as AI, cyber security, construction and medical technology, and design. Manchester has the most tech start-ups outside of London, but the city ranks highly for most other sectors as well, including retail, construction, entertainment and finance. Talent hungry businesses continue to invest in Manchester and are always on the lookout for skilled individuals.

Famous for its world-renowned music scene, Manchester also has a proud history in the domains of science, art, sports, and politics which contribute to the city’s growing tourism industry.

Manchester is well-connected, boasting an international airport as well as motorway and high-speed railway links to London.

Over 100,000 students call Manchester and the surrounding area their home. If you have just graduated and want to get on the career ladder take a look at our First Job & Graduate Career Coaching programmes & Skills Development support both aimed at helping you identify the right career path for you and helping you stand out from the many other applicants when looking for a job.

If you live in Manchester, now is the best time to be enhancing your skills and taking your career to the next level. Get in touch with our career coaches now.

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