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Career Coaching – London & Home Counties

Career Coach in London

Forward Career Coaching offers their full range of coaching & mentoring services in London & all other major cities in the UK.

How to find us

We have our administrative headquarters in London but our coaches are available to meet at any location in the city best suited to you and all across the UK. You can arrange a consultation through our main office and coaching sessions can be given either face to face or online via Skype or Zoom.

Coaching & Mentoring Services

We offer all of our extensive coaching & mentoring programmes in London, such as:

In addition to these programmes we offer Skills Development training:

A career in London

If you are ambitious about your career, you will probably have considered working in London. It is seen as the world’s financial hub, and the city’s financial district plays host to many important business deals each day. If you are not interested in finance, there are also career opportunities in big media, creative and technology industries, as well as a myriad of other areas.

Reports from the Office of National Statistics in June 2019 showed there were 824,000 jobs available in the UK, and many of these were in London. However, getting the job you want might not be so easy. London may be rife with jobs, but competition is stiff.

The Most Required Jobs and Skills In Demand

The London Economic Plan identified information technology as the main skills in demand in London. Demand for staff in technology roles increased by 44% between July 2018 and July 2019. Job vacancies in financial services remained stable, partly due to some major firms leaving London. On the other hand, demand for IT professionals increased by 25%, with vacancies in sector contributing to 37% of all advertised job roles.

However, the biggest sector for jobs in London is services. The services industry provides about 91% of all jobs in the city. This includes jobs in retail, hospitality, real estate activities, education, social work, and more.

First jobs

London is the base for over 250,000 under-graduates, studying at one of the 40 institutions in the city. The most prestigious & well known include Imperial, UCL, LSE & Kings College which are among  the best in the world. If you have just graduated and want to get on the career ladder take a look at our First Job & Graduate Career Coaching programmes & Skills Development support both aimed at helping you identify the right career path for you and helping you stand out from the many other applicants when looking for a job.

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