Sophie – 23


Name: Sophie Age: 23 Coach: Graduate Coaching & Personal Brand Sophie Graduated from Uni with a great degree but not a clue what to do! Sophie had chosen to study real estate at Uni because that was what her Dad had done. She had always been encouraged to [...]

Millie – 23


Name: Millie Age: 23 Service: Forward Ready to Launch Workshop Millie Lots of travelling & displacement activity to prolong the moment when she needed to get serious about getting a job Millie did not really know what job she wanted to do when she applied to university so [...]

Jim – 24


Name: Jim Age: 24 Service: Career Coaching and Interview Skills Jim Dropped out of university now happily in a great job Jim had never really wanted to go to university but as all his friends were going, he applied, was accepted and started at Bristol.  Within a few [...]

Thomas – 24


Name: Thomas Age: 24 Service: Graduate Coaching, Personal Brand and Interview Skills Thomas A law conversion course without being keen on the law! Thomas read Philosophy at a leading university but then, not knowing what he wanted to do afterwards, decided to do a law conversion. However when [...]

Lara – 19


Name: Lara Age: 19 Service: Assessment and Career Coaching Lara Wondering what to do if you don’t go to university? When results day rolled around, Lara found she did not get the grades she needed to go to her first choice University (Edinburgh). Her second choice didn’t interest [...]

Ella – 23


Name: Ella Age: 23 Service: Career Coaching Ella Having a quarter life crisis Ella had been working for five years (she didn’t go to uni) and just suddenly hit a wall – friends, boyfriend, work, all seemed overwhelming; her confidence was crumbling, and she felt she was losing [...]

Susie – 27


Name: Susie Age: 27 Service: Career Pivot Coaching & Personal Brand Susie Reviewing her first career choice. Susie had always wanted to be a teacher and had completed a PGCE post her degree in biology at a top university.  However after three years of teaching, Susie realised that [...]

Joe – 24


Name: Joe Age: 24 Service: Assessment & Graduate Coaching Joe Graduated from Uni with a great degree but not a clue what to do! When Joe graduated from Exeter, he faced a common problem - he didn’t have a clue what to do next. That’s not quite true, [...]