Sophie – 23


Name: Sophie Age: 23 Coach: Graduate Coaching & Personal Brand Sophie Graduated from Uni with a great degree but not a clue what to do! Sophie had chosen to study real estate at Uni because that was what her Dad had done. She had always been encouraged to [...]

Jim – 24


Name: Jim Age: 24 Service: Career Coaching and Interview Skills Jim Dropped out of university now happily in a great job Jim had never really wanted to go to university but as all his friends were going, he applied, was accepted and started at Bristol.  Within a few [...]

Thomas – 24


Name: Thomas Age: 24 Service: Graduate Coaching, Personal Brand and Interview Skills Thomas A law conversion course without being keen on the law! Thomas read Philosophy at a leading university but then, not knowing what he wanted to do afterwards, decided to do a law conversion. However when [...]

Susie – 27


Name: Susie Age: 27 Service: Career Pivot Coaching & Personal Brand Susie Reviewing her first career choice. Susie had always wanted to be a teacher and had completed a PGCE post her degree in biology at a top university.  However after three years of teaching, Susie realised that [...]