Philip – 22


Name: Philip Age: 22 Service: Mentoring Philip Adventurous but first choosing to do a Masters Philip loves to travel. Ever since he was able to get on a flight by himself, he spent months of every year jetting off to adventurous locations. Travelling was always his main priority [...]

Clara – 19


Name: Clara Age: 19 Service: Mentoring Clara Failed her A’levels and now at a great university Clara’s parents rang Forward when her A’level results had been disappointing – she had been ill during the preceding few months and was simply not up to speed when the exams came.  [...]

Luke – 15


Name: Luke Age: 15 Service: Mentoring Luke At boarding school Luke had been diagnosed with dyslexia from an early age and mild ADHD.  He had never really settled at his prep school and when he moved to public school found it hard to make friends; he started getting [...]