Put your best foot forward in your job search

//Put your best foot forward in your job search

The jobs market is highly competitive, with more people than ever before having university degrees or high level vocational training.  Student numbers have almost doubled since 1992 – but there are jobs out there – you just need to be focused and know where you’d like to get to.

Employers are looking for ‘work ready’ young people – people who show they can work hard and get stuck in,  so  whether you’ve been fruit picking at your local ‘Pick your Own’, stewarding at a festival or even cleaning your neighbour’s car, this can show potential employers you have flexibility and are willing to get stuck in.

Good written and verbal communication skills are vital for all companies – so make sure you have the correct grammar and spelling on all application forms and CVs.  Tailor each and every application  – potential employers are used to seeing, and reject,  ‘cut and paste’ applications.

Digital technology is driving the world – so make sure you are digitally literate.  You don’t need to be able to computer code, but a knowledge of all recent social media developments can really be of benefit.

Educate yourself and understand the sector and the companies you’re interested in;  there’s nothing worse for an interviewer to find the candidate has made little or no effort to build their general awareness of the environment.  Read relevant journals, papers and blogs – and perhaps even blog yourself if you have something to say.

Decision making, problem solving and working under pressure are highly sought after attributes as are commitment, enthusiasm  and a willingness to learn.

Although it is anticipated that this generation may have up to 20 different jobs in their lifetime,  make sure you focus on the one you’re going for and once in, commit to it, make a positive contribution to the company and learn new skills.

In your heart know you’re going to commit  to learn new skills, and make a positive contribution to the company.