Who are the role models for Gen Z Future Founders?

//Who are the role models for Gen Z Future Founders?

According to research commissioned by VC firm Octopus Group and Entrepreneurs Network, 51% of young people aged between 14 and 25 said they would like to start their own business and 60% among the 20 – 25 year olds.   The top motivations are ‘a desire to be your own boss’ 86%, ‘freedom to do what I want’  84%  ‘being passionate about a particular idea or cause’ 83% and wanting to make the world a better place and/or a positive difference’ 76%.

But finding an entrepreneur who inspires them was harder – 85% were male, just 15% female and most of them having achieved their success before Gen Z was born.  Those named tended to be old school Lord Sugar (72) Richard Branson (69), Elon Musk (48), Bill Gates (63).

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To read the full report https://www.tenentrepreneurs.org/research/